Website links of journals

Library of Dalian university of technology
Chinese Journal Full-text Database
Sciencepaper Online
American Chemical Society
The Royal Society of Chemistry ??????????
Elsevier Science
John Wiley

Links of relevant organizations

Dalian University of Technology ?????????????
Faculty of Chemical. Environmental and Biological Science and Technology?????????
State Key Laboratory of Fine Chemicals????????
Instrument Open Management Online, Dalian University of Technology??

Web links of other groups

Solar Cells and Solar Fuels — Prof. Licheng Sun’s group?????????
Renewable Energy Laboratory — Prof. Tingli Ma’s group
Carbon Research Laboratory — Prof. Jieshan Qiu’s group??????
Center of Selective Transformation and Functionalization of Molecules — Prof. Ming Bao’s group
Lab of Advanced Materials and Catalytic Engineering — Prof. Changhai Liang’s group
Prof. Chunying Duan’s group??????????
Molecular Photochemistry and photophysics — Prof. Jianzhang Zhao’s group???
Advanced Energy Materials Group — Prof. Anhui Lu’s group???
Dyes and optical information materials — Prof. Yi Xiao’s group??